Whatever Cubes (3",4",6”,8”)


Image of Whatever Cubes (3",4",6”,8”) Image of Whatever Cubes (3",4",6”,8”)

These versatile Indigo Shibori dyed cubes in 3",4" and 6" sizes are a great way to add color to your home. The cubes are called "whatever" because they have so many functions! Use them to hold bath products, cotton balls, cotton swabs, plants and so much more!

Each canvas cube has been hand dyed using natural Indigo, fully lined with unbleached muslin, has leather handles, and re-enforced with interfacing making the cubes semi-water resistant.

Because each piece is dyed individually, and is unique, the patterns will vary product to product.

*Please note: if using the cubes as a planted pot holder, water plants separately, then let excess water to drain before reinserting in cube.

Ships 7-10 days from date of order.